Our rug sale selection has popular color combinations including blue and gray, gray and beige, and black and white. Avoid very dark or very light solid color rugs and carpets that show every spill and stain; opt for midtone hues with some gray, brown, persian handmade silk rugs or taupe undertones. Can add color to everything from pillows to backpacks. Cover pillows in crewel fabric or batik. The other negatives to area rugs are that they can slip and/or be a tripping hazard if you stumble on an edge. Step 3: Carefully slip the wrapped yarn loops off the cardboard. Step 5: Cut the loops at the bottom to make the tassel. Step 4: Continue stitching onto another strip until you have used all the netting strips. Every yard or so, bunch up the netting. Thread the yarn in and out in even stitches about 1 inch apart down the center of the netting. Foam rubber’s cushioning comes from its air pockets, but as with waffle rubber, the air doesn’t always provide enough support to limit carpet movement and protect your carpet from wear.375 inch (9.525 millimeters) thick and 2.2 pounds per cubic foot (35.2 kilograms per cubic meter). Step 3: Use a pencil to mark 23 dots about 1/2 inch apart along each 12-inch piece. Step 1: Have an adult saw two 12-inch pieces. Two 9-inch pieces from the wooden boards. 6. Repeat this process along the edge of all pieces that need to be joined together until completed. Repeat these steps to make more tassels. Use the tassels to decorate shoes, barrettes, bicycle handlebars, place mats, hats, and more. Once you empty the dust cup, you just have to reattach it, and the vacuum’s good to go — no special-ordering vacuum bags or trying to remember where you stored them in the first place.